Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Post honeymoon happenings.

Well since the last post cut off after the honeymoon I'll fill you in on the last few months. We're gonna make this short and sweet.

We found a nice 2 bedroom 1 bath basement apartment that we both love. We're both about 15 minutes away from our works and we got a great deal on it so we couldn't ask for more. We've got it all set up with furniture, our wedding pictures and even added some animals! We tried our hand at goldfish and after several of them decided they would rather die than live under our care we are now left with one fish named Munchy. As of Memorial Day weekend we adopted to baby Red Ear Slider turtles. Their names are Yolo and Swag. 

We've done a bit of traveling in our first 4 months as well. We've had our typical trips to Saint George which I can't get enough of. One weekend my sister and her husband had a timeshare in Vegas so we went down and stayed a few nights there. We had a blast walking the strip, doing some shopping and hanging out in the pool. Kaytlyn hadn't ever really been there so it was fun to see some sites with her! 

Kaytlyns parents owned her car so we decided to get our own together. It took a while of searching and test driving but we found one she really loves! I'm weird and name cars. Her name is pearl! 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. 

Some people may not know, but my brother is a recovering addict. Right now he is in Denver and recently made it five months clean. Me and Kaytlyn took a trip over to see him. We drove from Salt Lake to Grand Junction to stay the night with my aunt and her family. The next day we headed to Denver and the drive up through the mountains was full of awesome views. We picked up Randy and walked around the 16th street mall and he showed us around. The second day we went to the zoo and saw some awesome animals!! 

We spent that night just hanging out at the hotel and relaxing. Our 3rd day there we went to Elitch Gardens theme park. It was fun but definitely had been to better theme parks. We left the next day and drove up through Wyoming. It was a great trip and was glad we were able to see my brother! 

Now our days are filled with working and hanging out together. Married life really is great. It's got it's ups and downs but its worth every minute of it! 

Oh also... We watched every season of Bones and I'm obsessed with it. Probably my all time favorite show and we are looking forward to season 9 to start! 

Thanks for reading the rambling and hopefully ill stay on top of my blog now so it won't be so rushed and will be a better read. 

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