Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Weekend I'll Never Forget

Well this weekend was something else! I took a trip up North to see the Lady Antebellum concert along with Darius Rucker and Thompson Square. My sister and I had been planning on this concert for months and months and I was so excited to go! The concert was on Valentine’s day so I decided to go up Friday after class so I could spend some time with my friend Kaytlyn as well as see some other friends.  I’ll start off with the concert experience!

The concert didn’t start until 7 and the doors opened at 5:30 but my sister and I had Inner Circle tickets so we wanted to be sure to get the best seats so we went about an hour and a half early. 

Once we got in the doors and passed security we booked our way down the stairs. That was a nice change, typically when I go to Energy Solutions Arena I have to take a few sets of stairs and escalators up to my seat so it was strange to be down on the floor! It was kind of a joke. They really don't want anyone being where they aren't supposed to be. We got 1 wristband just to get onto the floor. Another one to to get up to the general admission by the stage. And then 1 more big one to get into the Inner Circle. Here is my sis and I sporting our sleeve of wristbands. (Don't I look quiet happy and ridiculous?)

  As you can see, we can't get much closer to the stage. The first band to play was Thompson Square. They were awesome! They are a married couple and the guy is kind of a goon, but the girl is super attractive so its alright! I'll give the guy props. During their most popular song "Are you gonna kiss me or not" he stopped everything and gave her roses for Valentines. She got all teary eyed... yada yada... good job. 

After Thompson Square, Darius Rucker played. He has got to be one of my favorite country singers! There isn't a single song of his that i don't love! And although he's fairly new to the country stage, he's got plenty of experience with Hootie and the Blowfish so he was a great performer! He even played some of their songs and everyone went crazy.

After Darius Ruckers' set, they cleared off the stage for Lady A. Which meant it was time to go to our spots in the Inner Circle. Our punctuality paid off because we were the 5th and 6th person in line to go in so we got to pick right where we wanted to be. Front and Center. It was pretty surreal to look out and see exactly what they see every single night they perform. 
Finally Lady A hit the stage and they were UNBELIEVABLE! The only downside to our seats was a lot of the performance their backs were to us. But it was still the most amazing concert I've ever been to! they were really good about interacting with us, gabbing our hands, singing to us, and making our seats worth it!
After they were done they threw out a couple guitar pics right to us and I caught one. I showed my sister and she just held out her hands and I couldn't say no. So I gave it to her since she went to all the trouble of getting the tickets and making this concert happen! Needless to say that concert was probably a once in a lifetime experience!

So apart from the concert, I still had an incredible weekend! Friday night when I got up north I went over to Kaytlyn's house for family dinner. Her sister recently got engaged so her fiances family came over to plan the wedding and they were nice enough to let me join. After dinner I did something I'm not proud of. Kaytlyn is a big fan of the Twilight books and stuff, and has been to every DVD release. There happened to be one that night at midnight and I went with her. Not my proudest moment, but it actually wasn't that bad. We mostly just walked around Walmart looking at toys.(Kaytlyn please don't kill me for posting this!!) But this is when you know you've got the best friend ever!
Saturday Kaytlyn came down to my sisters house and we went to spend the day in Provo. We basically just hung out at the mall and wasted a whole bunch of time. But then I surprised her and had a little date planned with Brady, Jessica, Skyler and Jocelyn. I knew she had been wanting to see The Vow, so I bit the bullet and we went to see that. After the movie we went and made dinner at Skyler and Jocelyn's house then headed to Brady and Jessica's apartment and played Just Dance 3 and Taboo. It was a great date to say the least!!

Sunday Kaytlyn and I went to church, then lounged around and watched movies all day! It was great. That night I went to hang out with good ol' Casey Jo Brandt. I don't see her much anymore so it was nice to catch up and talk. We made some homemade Oreos. 

Monday I hung out with Kaytlyn and we watched movies and chilled for the first part of the day. Little Rascals is a classic! That night we went to her friend Mindy's house. Kaytlyn tends their kids and has seen them grow up since they were babies. I have heard countless stories about these kids so it was nice to finally meet them all. They were crazy! they had so much energy and were so hyper! But I had a blast. We had family night with them and after we helped them make their Valentine's to take to their classes. Kaytlyn even made me a hand made valentine. Probably the best one I've ever got! 

I didn't think I'd see Kaytlyn Tuesday because she had class and work and then I had the concert. But luckily she got sick. That's not a good thing that she was sick, but it meant I got to go over and see her again. She must have felt bad for me or something because she agreed to be my valentine. So I at least got to see her on Valentines day before the concert! It's hard to top a hand made card but I did my best.
Needless to say it was the best weekend ever! And I can't wait until March 22.