Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Resolutions

This past year was full of ups and downs. I would like this new year to have a few more ups and a few less downs. So here are some Resolutions and what not's that I hope to keep this year.

1) The first one I made was no soda. My friend Kaytlyn and I loved our late night trips to get drinks for lack of anything else to do. But now that she has moved back to SLC we decided we would try and cut that out. That also goes along with trying to drop a few lbs. Lets be honest, I've always been a big boy. Then about two years ago me and my buddy Nick started working out hard everyday and I ended up losing 50 pounds in one semester. Then all my friends got back off their missions and my gym schedule quickly went down the drain and since then I've put back on a good 20 pounds or so. This semester I'm taking the circuit training class at SUU so hopefully I'll be able to drop that 20 plus another 10 or so.

2) Get over Amberlie. Sounds like a joke right? But since the breakup there are still plenty of days that I struggle with that! We haven't even spoken in 6 months and I'm pretty sure its the lack of closure that is making it so difficult. So for 2012 I'd like to meet someone even better. I've met plenty of great girls this year but so far no such luck. The other day it hit me that I'm actually maturing and want to be married. :/ ugh. That was a slap in the face. Only in Utah does a 22 year old decide they are sick of dating around and would rather find that one person they want to be with. Well as much as I love the lack of responsibilities that come with being a single college student I'd rather get married, work, and go to school. (No this does not mean I'm going to marry the first girl that comes my way, I still have standards. It just means I need to take a more serious approach about dating. And just about all my friends could use some help in this department as well!)

3) Be a better person. I don't consider myself bad by any means. But everyone can improve. I'll admit, I'm not the best at reading scriptures and praying daily. So I'm going to make a conscious effort to focus on the "primary" things of the church. Along with that I'm going to attend the temple more regularly. In the summer I was going twice a week. Tuesday nights on my own, and Friday morning working with the Baptistery with Steve. I totally enjoyed looking forward to going but then once I moved to SUU temple visits were few and far between so if any of you Cedar folks want to start carpooling down to STG for a temple run, you know who to call!

Those are some of the basic resolutions for making 2012 a better year. Some others include: Focusing more in school. Single handily curing world hunger. Entering the NFL draft. Beating Greg Winger in ping pong. Starting my music/acting career. Write a book.