Friday, June 7, 2013

Surprise Date Night!

Kaytlyn is easily one of the most indecisive people I know. So today I text her and told her she was taking me on a date tonight that she had to plan by herself. 

As we were leaving she wouldn't give me any clues or let me ask any questions. All she said it was about a Half hour drive. We start heading north a little bit and I really didn't have the slightest idea what to expect. She had stopped at her parents as well as the store to get supplies but they were all in the back covered up so I couldn't even peak. We eventually start making our way up the canyon and it made me more curious. Eventually after we drove a while up into the canyon she told me we were going to roast hot dogs and make s'mores and just hang out up there for the evening. 

Here are some pics for your entertainment. 

Kaytlyns dad taught her right! 
This dates gettin hot! 
I'm so immature and used the word wiener as many times as possible. 
Nothing like a fire roasted wiener. 
Kaytlyn loves her hot dogs! 
Felt so good to relax with a nice view. 
Just an old boring couple 
Insert sandlot s'mores quotes here. 
She's silly and cute. 
She hearts me! <3
Leaving the fire pit. 

Now it's time to cuddle up to some Harry Potter!! 

Live long and prosper. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Post honeymoon happenings.

Well since the last post cut off after the honeymoon I'll fill you in on the last few months. We're gonna make this short and sweet.

We found a nice 2 bedroom 1 bath basement apartment that we both love. We're both about 15 minutes away from our works and we got a great deal on it so we couldn't ask for more. We've got it all set up with furniture, our wedding pictures and even added some animals! We tried our hand at goldfish and after several of them decided they would rather die than live under our care we are now left with one fish named Munchy. As of Memorial Day weekend we adopted to baby Red Ear Slider turtles. Their names are Yolo and Swag. 

We've done a bit of traveling in our first 4 months as well. We've had our typical trips to Saint George which I can't get enough of. One weekend my sister and her husband had a timeshare in Vegas so we went down and stayed a few nights there. We had a blast walking the strip, doing some shopping and hanging out in the pool. Kaytlyn hadn't ever really been there so it was fun to see some sites with her! 

Kaytlyns parents owned her car so we decided to get our own together. It took a while of searching and test driving but we found one she really loves! I'm weird and name cars. Her name is pearl! 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. 

Some people may not know, but my brother is a recovering addict. Right now he is in Denver and recently made it five months clean. Me and Kaytlyn took a trip over to see him. We drove from Salt Lake to Grand Junction to stay the night with my aunt and her family. The next day we headed to Denver and the drive up through the mountains was full of awesome views. We picked up Randy and walked around the 16th street mall and he showed us around. The second day we went to the zoo and saw some awesome animals!! 

We spent that night just hanging out at the hotel and relaxing. Our 3rd day there we went to Elitch Gardens theme park. It was fun but definitely had been to better theme parks. We left the next day and drove up through Wyoming. It was a great trip and was glad we were able to see my brother! 

Now our days are filled with working and hanging out together. Married life really is great. It's got it's ups and downs but its worth every minute of it! 

Oh also... We watched every season of Bones and I'm obsessed with it. Probably my all time favorite show and we are looking forward to season 9 to start! 

Thanks for reading the rambling and hopefully ill stay on top of my blog now so it won't be so rushed and will be a better read. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

First comes Love, then comes Marriage... and life! Part 1

It's been over a year now since my last post. Since then not too much has happened except I started dating an amazing girl, I moved to northern Utah, I married said girl, got a whole new family I'm a part of, new job, car, pets, trips and just about nothing in my life is the same as it was a year ago! So without writing all night and boring all 5 people that may stumble across this post, I'll try to keep everything short and sweet! 

So in my last post, I had just visited Kaytlyn up in Salt Lake for the premier of the Hunger Games. That was one of our very first weekends together as an official couple! More weekends came and passed where we visited each other through that spring semester while I was at SUU and she was living back up in SLC. Summer rolled around and the choice came: Go back to Saint George and continue my life, or follow her up there and pursue this relationship. Well everything added up and I decided to chase her down! One of my top dudes Trevor was coming up for a summer class at UVU. This made for an ideal living situation. One of my life long friends Casey helped me get a job at Vivint. Shelter and money. I was set. lets break down how the summer went. 

1. Trevor = Best roommate ever. Tons of laughs were had. 
2. University Villas are absolutely ghetto apartments. I got use to it, but anytime someone new came over it    became apparent how sleazy they actually were. 
3. Vivint = Great job or worst job ever depending what department. Data Entry gave me the worst anxiety of my life apart from the MTC and I finally got put on medication. Initial Customer Care (ICE) was way easy and chill and I worked with some really cool people. Retention. Worst job on planet earth. Especially at Vivint. Long story short, I got fired for cancelling a customers account who had called in 5 previous times to cancel. Not to mention I got fired the week before proposing to Kaytlyn. 
4. Every day after work was either spent driving 40 minutes to Kaytlyns, or her driving down to see me. 
5. Chens noodle house. Trevor was introduced by some friends, so me and Kaytlyn gave it a shot. Easily the best and cheapest Chinese food ever. If you are within and hour drive of Orem, go to Chens!!! You will not regret it. 

Proposal!!! OMG girls are gonna think I'm the most romantic person ever if they haven't heard this story. 
Marriage was a discussion for quiet some time between Kaytlyn and I. We looked at rings and the one she really loved was nowhere to be found. After numerous calls and searching we hunted down the ring and bought the setting. Kaytlyn was present for this and was well aware of what was happening. All that was left to do was pick out the stone. I went to ShaneCo without her knowing and picked out a diamond and got the ring ready. When she was over with me I'd pull up diamonds and ask her questions such as what was more important, color, carrot, clarity, etc... just to make her think I was still doing my research. So the ring is ready and in my room at my sisters house where I was now staying. I devised a plan saying that my mom had won some tickets to a show and dinner out at Tuachan and wanted us to come with her. So we planned a quick weekend trip to Saint George. We talked about stopping in Cedar where we met and getting Panda Express like we did on our first date. So we get to Cedar, get some food and head over to campus where the date took place. The field where we went to the concert was being occupied for another concert that was going to be that night so we had to improvise and sat on a random patch of grass under some trees near by. We sat there eating, making small talk, and I was nervous as ever. We finish eating and open our fortune cookies and in hers was the ring with a fortune that says Will You Marry me. She said yes, we kissed and then out comes Matt and Sarah. They were in on it and were taking pictures so we could remember that moment for the rest of our lives. That wasn't the only surprise. I figured an important event like that a girl is going to want to share it with family. She called her parents and other family members and shared the news, including with her grandma where we were going to be stopping on the way down. We walked into her grandmas house and sat on the couch and out popped both of our families from in the kitchen to share the night with us. It was great to have both of our families there since we live on opposite ends of the state. 

Wow I feel like I'm rushing through this and not doing it justice. Oh well... I've got a year to write about! 

Wedding planning. So... I was out of a job at this point... Screw Vivint....  Kaytlyn is at a job where she is making ok money and we weren't way stressed with me jumping into a job, but rather finding one that would be good. All my down time turned out very helpful because I planned a lot of the wedding. That's right. I was googling wedding colors and themes, I downloaded the Pintrest app (under kaytlyns name of course), I was doing it all. In my opinion the wedding turned out great. We had an open house in Saint George that was really simple but classy, and then the wedding itself was about as much fun as you can make a wedding without having an actual party. We booked the 3rd floor of Noahs Reception Center and because it was winter, the patio on the roof was an ice rink! there was hot chocolate and treats up the wazoo!! And because Kaytlyn isn't a huge cake fan, she gladly let me have a Fun Fetti Wedding cake. 

Honeymoon!!! We all know what this section is about ;) 

I'm the cheapest person you'll meet! I love me a good deal. So let me break it down. Anniversary in is expensive! like 250 a night for pretty small rooms. My sister for a wedding present gave us a $100 dollar gift card that she got for $70 at Costco. I got a text from Anniversary Inn about a deal that if you reserved your room within a certain time frame you got the rooms at a discount rate. So I went to Costco and loaded up on  even more gift cards... It's midnight and I don't remember all the numbers... Long story short we saved a few hundred dollars! We got 3 of the nicest rooms there! The first night we stayed in the Palace Suite, second night the Presidential Suite, and the third night was the Romeo and Juliet Suite. Check it out at their website if you've never heard of this place! Way awesome. Each morning they bring you breakfast to your room. In each room there was cheesecake and mormon champagne (Martinellis)  and they all had jetted tubs! For you married folks, you understand how nice those can be!! Those of you non married folks... you'll find out! 
We didn't really plan anything. We had talked about it and decide to basically just wing it, and play it by ear. The first day we went up to Park City because I had never been there and it was also the Sundance Film Festival. It was mayhem! there was absolutely nowhere to park so we basically just drove around and did some site seeing but it was way nice and we had fun. We kept it low key and got some pizza and grabbed some movies from the front desk for a night in. The second day we really were clueless on what to do and we looked online for things to do in Salt Lake. We had seen temple square, the capital, the zoo, and most things on the list, but one thing we hadn't seen was the Natural History Museum. Totally lame right? Not really we both had fun! There was a lot of interesting things to do and see there! That night we went out for a really nice steak dinner! It was so delicious and so expensive! We were in awe of the price that the receipt is still hanging on our fridge. We stayed our last night there and headed back out unpack our apartment so we weren't too rushed before getting back to reality. It may not sound like much, and it wasn't because we kept it simple, but we both had a blast! 

I fully planned on lumping everything from the past year into one post. But that isn't going to happen so stay tuned for part 2.