Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Miscellaneous Information

Lately I have been struggling coming up with anything remotely interesting to blog about. But I am currently sitting in the library studying for a test that I have tomorrow, and as much as I’d love to read up on things such as “basic locomotor and manipulative skills a mildly mentally challenged person could work on” I think I’d rather write a blog post about nothing.

So a few posts back I mentioned that I was dating someone… well long story short that one bit the dust. Not because we didn’t like each other or anything but it was just my typical bad timing on approaching a relationship. Kind of like that one time I decided it was a good idea to fall for a girl that was going to move across the country for 7 months. Or more recently becoming interested in a way cute girl who happens to be going on a mission in a month… So that’s a quick update on my lack of love life.

To move on to some entertainment I’m looking forward to, my amazing sister happens to have a lot of the same interests as me. Last thanksgiving we spent it at her house up north and she noticed my utter boredom and gave me a book to read. ( I don’t read books ever. I hate those things!) The book she gave me was Hunger Games. I had heard a lot of good things about it and decided I’d give it a shot. After the first two chapters I was hooked. I had almost finished the entire book before heading back down to Saint George. I was so hooked on the book that for Christmas good ol’ Saint Nick gave me the other two books in the trilogy, Catching Fire, and Mocking Jay. If you haven’t read these books finish reading my blog, then go read them! They are amazing! Girls will love the love story behind it, and guys will love the brutal killing. A little something for everyone. I’m especially excited for March 23rd, 2012 when the movie comes out! I am such a nerd that the morning the trailer was released, I went over to my friends apartment to watch it with her because she loves the books as much as I do. Not only does my sister have great taste in literature, she happens to love country music like I do. So on valentines day, rather than spending it alone eating a pizza or taking out some girl that doesn’t care about me, I will be up in Salt Lake City at a Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, and Thompson Square concert. Basically all three of those bands are amazing! They could belch and it would be a gold record. We got the coolest seats in the entire place! See that little red circle in the middle of the stage? That is where we will be located.

In the world of sports. So happy the NBA lockout is over! I’m not the biggest sports fan, or basketball fan for that matter. But I do love me some Utah Jazz regardless of how terrible they are at times. I am hoping to make it up to a game or two this year but because of my lack of funds that may be a little difficult.
 Also how about that nifty fellow the Broncos got behind center. Tim Tebow. Everyone is having a fit because “he cant throw the ball” or gets on his case because he prays during games. Well here is my two cents. Tim Tebow is the most entertaining the Broncos have seen since John Elway. Quiet frankly I’d rather have a quarterback that can score touch downs, win games, and be fun to watch, as opposed to a quarterback who throws for 250 yards but still loses because nobody else on the team can do anything. He’s only lost one game since getting the starting position so if its not broken, don’t fix it! And as for him praying, I’d rather have a religious player than someone who’s out partying, and getting arrested for drugs and firearms. But then again I’m not the GM of a football team so what do I know?

So how about the economy… it sure isn’t looking like it's getting any better. And living in a great town such as Cedar City jobs are scarce. Thank heavens both me and my roommate got jobs up at Brianhead Ski Resort. He will be working the ski lift and I’ll be holding down the fort in rentals. I have no idea what I’ll be getting paid, and more than likely my Christmas break will be spent in Cedar City working. The big perk of this job is I get a season pass so I can ski and snowboard for free whenever I'm not working. The downside to that perk, I don’t know the first thing about doing either! I tried snowboarding back when I was.. 12 maybe? And it was no bueno. I could only turn one way, couldn’t stop, so I would turn until I almost hit the trees, fall to stop myself, scoot back out into the middle of the trail, and repeat. I tried my hand at skiing once but that was also nearly 10 years ago. I remember I never wrecked and I went on more runs than just the Bunny-hill. I fully intend on learning to shred some powder, or else I am really going to hate my job.

Well with that being said I should get back to “what are generalizations regarding motor performance of the hearing impaired” since I have a test tomorrow and all. Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions on topics for me to write about I’d love to hear them! Because I’m drawing complete blanks on what to blog about. Thanks for all the positive feedback and support.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Two hours of my life I'll never get back.

Well, I guess I’ll get this off my chest. I saw breaking dawn and I am completely ashamed of myself. I was in Saint George for the weekend and so was my good friend Brittany who I haven’t seen in over a year. We wanted to go see a movie but weren’t sure what to see. We joked about how bad twilight would be, and somehow that escalated to her asking her mom and sister if they wanted to see it, which they did, so I hesitantly gave in and agreed to see it. Just as a disclaimer, at no point in time did I think this film would be enjoyable by any means!!! But I knew Brittany isn’t a big twilight fan so she would be right there with me making fun of how awful it was. So here we go…

The beginning of the experience was amazing! Best 2 minutes I have seen in the movie theater in a really long time! The Hunger Games trailer! I cannot wait for that movie to come out!  Once that got over the experience when downhill in a hurry. The movie started and literally within 10 seconds Jacob, (the hunky wolf dude) went outside and took his shirt off. Ok really? Is the acting and story line that terrible that you need to catch the girls attention by having guys take their shirt off? I don’t remember what the point of that scene was… but then a few minutes later all the vampire people are out setting up for the wedding. And it’s totally light outside, but none of the vampires are sparkling. I don’t know much about these movies. But I know that when it’s sunny outside, they are supposed to twinkle, or sparkle, or whatever you call it. And they were not. Am I the only one that caught that flaw? So the wedding is about to happens, and everything is magical. At the reception Jacob shows up to see Bella and finds out that they are going to have a honeymoon, but Bella is still human and not a vampire, and apparently vampire sex is like 1000 times more intense than human sex? So he’s totally freaking out that Bella is going to die on their wedding night because Edward is going to have his way with her. (Which quite frankly I wish she would have died because then the movie, and the series would be over).  So they go on their honeymoon to Brazil and get this romantic little bungalow on the beach. Super romantic if you into that kind of thing. Bella is super nervous because not only is she about to lose her virginity, but she may very well die in the process. So she says she needs a few minutes so Edward, for whatever reason, gets naked and goes and stands out in the ocean. She tries to make herself pretty for him, but fails miserably, and so she goes, gets naked and walks out into the water with him. They start sucking making out and next thing you know they are in bed. It definitely shows way too much and is a little too graphic for a PG 13 movie. The next morning the room is just wrecked, the bed is torn up and feathers from the pillow are everywhere. I’m assuming 9 out of 10 honeymoons don’t get that out of hand. But I’ve never been on one, so what do I know?

To speed things up, Bella gets pregnant which they didn’t think was possible because she’s human, and he’s a vampire.   So some creature starts growing inside her super-fast and they don’t know what it is exactly. Everyone thinks she’s going to die because of it. So Jacob and all his other buff wolf friends are like hey, lets go kill some vampires because they broke the rules and are going to kill this human… or something like that. And The head wolf guy is like no, it’s their own business, she’s one of them now… so Jacob has a fit and goes off on his own. But then I don’t remember why but the wolf guys decide they want to kill the vampires? But now Jacob is on the vampires’ side and wants to protect Bella and the little creature inside her. So there is some intense wolf fighting scenes, and when I say intense, I mean it is the most cheesy, ridiculous thing I have seen in a long time! It is a bunch of poorly computer animated wolves running around, and you hear human voices as if they are talking to each other, but they are almost demonic and sound like they belong in a low budget Saturday morning cartoon rather than a box office busting blockbuster.  

So Bella is dying because of this creature inside her and they find out the only way she can live is if she drinks blood. So she drinks blood out of a foam cup like she just got a diet coke at Freddy’s. I don’t have a weak stomach but that was a little gross for my liking. They could have at least made it into a milkshake or something, not just straight blood. After a few days they are running out of blood and Bella is about to give birth to this creature so the vampires need to go get more blood, but the wolves have them surrounded so they cant. Jacob distracts them so they can get away and when the get back they have a huge square off between the vampires and the wolves. It’s mildly entertaining I guess? Meanwhile Bella is giving birth inside to this baby. And after she gives birth she starts to die and I get excited!! Except I know there’s a second movie so she has to live unfortunately. So Edward tries to turn her into a vampire and starts biting her up and down her body but it’s not really working. So Jacob throws a fit and goes outside and starts crying because the love of his life is dying due to his enemy Edward who totally knocked her up. But I’ll give him credit; he kept his shirt on for this scene.
So Jacob goes inside and I think he is going to kill that little creature baby but instead he looks at it and all of a sudden these images of the future start popping up on the screen. Apparently he” imprinted” on the baby? Yeah it’s as weird as it sounds. I guess he has some connection with this little baby and he is going to like protect it and love it or something like that. Meanwhile all these wolves are trying to kill the vampires and that demon child but Jacob comes out and is like “Whoa… I imprinted that thing… you can’t touch it” I guess that’s the rule of all rules for wolves.  You can’t harm someone that has been imprinted on? So the wolves and vampires are at a stalemate. All the while Edward is still inside biting Bella trying to save her and then her eyes open and they are red, meaning she’s a vampire now. And the movie ended. 

So to try and point out the positives of this movie: 1) The Hunger Games trailer rocked! (Which can be seen on YouTube so don’t pay 8 dollars to see it at the beginning of this film. 2) Alice, one of the vampire girls is way attractive!! But once again, just Google her image. Don’t waste your time or money. 3) The fight scene between the wolves and vampires is decent at best… but that’s enjoyable for all of 30 seconds and that’s if you can look past the wolves being completely computer animated.  4) The last 20 minutes of the movie Bella is practically dead so you don’t have to suffer watching Kristin Stewart try and act which is a huge bonus! But they somehow managed to make her look more unattractive than she already is… so pros and cons on that one. 

All in all, the movie was awful. That’s two hours of my life I’m never getting back. And I would not recommend it to anybody. However Brittany and I also saw Warrior this weekend. Huge fan, recommend that for everyone! It’s that simple, go see it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Facebook stalking: Although creepy, can produce positive results.

Everyone is guilty of Facebook stalking. Some more than others, but we have all done it. Let’s take a trip back to last Fall Semester at Dixie State College.

I was starting my journey into the education program and one of the pre requisites was Educational Psychology. From the beginning of the semester there was a girl who sat on the other side of the room from me. I’m talking, literally could not be further away from me and still be in the class room. And by the time I decided I wanted to talk to this girl, it was too late into the semester to change seats. No, there was not assigned seating, but everybody knows by the end of the second week that seats have been claimed. It is an unspoken rule that you don’t take someone else’s seat. They will have to sit somewhere taking someone else’s seat, and then soon there is chaos in the classroom and nobody wins. So basically I was stuck on the other side of the classroom and didn’t know what I would do to talk to this girl. I’m too shy to just go strike up a random conversation with a cute girl. Not my style.

So at some point in the semester I hear the teacher her name. Melyssa. I was sure to plug that to memory and not forget it. A few weeks later the roll comes around and we were supposed to mark if we were there or not. So this is where the stalking begins. I see the list of names and I think.. “Hmm what is her last name..” So I browse the names until I find it. I come to the conclusion that I if I look her up on Facebook I’ll find out something we have in common that I could talk to her about, or maybe even better we’ll have some friends in common and I can get someone to set us up! Brilliant idea if I do say so myself.

I go home, pull up the ol’ Google machine and look up Melyssa on Facebook. Sure enough we have one friend in common. I message him and explain my weird situation, that I think this girls really cute, but don’t dare talk to her. He knew her from when he lived in mesquite and assured me she is a really nice cute girl and that I should talk to her. So what did I do? I went the remainder of the semester without talking to her. Wanted to, but never made an effort because I didn’t quiet dare. In the spring I didn’t take classes because I was coaching tennis, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in anymore because the education thing didn’t look like it was going to pan out for me.

So let’s fast forward to Fall 2011. I transferred up to SUU and what do you know, the first week of classes I’m walking along and I pass this girl and I think to myself “that girl is pretty cute…. Wait a gosh darn minute… that’s the girl from my class at Dixie!”  A few weeks pass and I see her again, this time I remembered her name but sure enough didn’t get anything to come out of my mouth. I think instead I opted for looking down at the ground or pretended to be texting someone. Since I remembered her name I looked her up on Facebook and I was like I should just add her and send her a message. But I talked myself out of it because that’s creepy to get a friend request from some strange kid you had a class with a year ago right? So I refrained. Then about a month and a half ago or so, I saw her again and I decided what the heck. I don’t have much going on for me in Cedar and I never have anyone to hang out with. What’s the worst that could happen? So I decide to man up and added her on Facebook. I sent her a message explaining that I had a class with her last Fall at Dixie and that I saw her at SUU.. yada yada… I tried to make it sound like I wasn’t a creep but I’m almost positive that was an epic fail!

Much to my surprise she accepted the friend request and once I explained where I knew her from she claimed I looked familiar… so in other words… the girl that I had a huge crush on at Dixie didn’t even know I existed. But that’s beside the point. We began texting and getting to know each other a little and decided to hang out. So we got together and played basketball with some of my friends one night. I had a lot of fun and wanted to hang out with her again so a few days later I took her bowling and we watched a movie.

 To speed things up a bit we started hanging out every day and now we’re dating. It’s still really early on, no idea what will come of it, if anything. But for the time being… Its working out. She’s super fun and I’m really enjoying spending time getting to know her. And as creepy as I may have appeared in the beginning, I’m really glad I messaged her on Facebook!