Monday, March 26, 2012

The Weekend I've Been Waiting For Finally Came!

Well, after waiting what seemed to be an eternity, The Hunger Games finally came out!! I have been waiting for this past weekend for a very very long time! Here's the run down of what went down.

Kaytlyn, who I'm sure you recall from previous posts, was nice enough to buy us tickets for the midnight showing on the IMAX screen!!

There is Kaytlyn and I waiting for the movie to start. She's even wearing the District 12 shirt I got her for her birthday! That movie was wesome!!! It was as good as I hoped it would be. A lot of people complained about the camera work, or that a few parts were left out, but it can't be perfect unless the movie is going to be 10 hours long. So I thought they did a great job and loved it. I will probably see it again before it leaves theater. (Side note: I wanted a Dr. Pepper so bad! But I haven't had soda since New Years, so I went with lemonade instead.)

Despite getting home at 3 am after a really long Thursday, I made it over to Kaytlyns about 11 that next morning for a busy day I had planned us. Since she took me on a date to the movie, it was only fair that I took her out. First stop of the day. Hogle Zoo!! Most people don't know this about me, but I LOVE animals. Nothing excites me like seeing a large jungle cat. (lion, tiger, cougar, etc)

There is me with a very large tiger. So of course, I was like a kid in a candy store. I'm sure Kaytlyn thinks I'm super weird, but oh well. Kaytlyn's personal favorite animal was the Giraffes. All three of them were outside and walking around. One of them was right next to us licking some kids hands.

That's mostly us, not so much giraffe, but you can still see one back there. Some other notable animals were the elephants which are fun cause they are huge! Also the monkeys, little ones, big gorillas, the chimpanzees, pretty much all of them kept us really entertained! After we were sure to see all the exhibits and cross them off our handy little map we had a lot of time to kill until our next adventure... so we improvised.

Just that weekend the new City Creek Center opened up in downtown SLC. I had seen it all over the news so we went to check it out. Lets just say that place is a little to high end for me. We looked at the Rolex store, and a tiny, ugly watch that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, was nearly $9,000!! Another one in the front display was nearly $80,000!! I can't even imagine how much the ones inside the other cases were. We walked around and saw some other stores, most of which I'll never be able to buy anything at, but never the less that place is really nice! To avoid having to pay for parking we got of there and went over to the Gateway. That place had a nice run, but I think we might be seeing it's last days. It felt like me and Kaytlyn were the only ones walking around the whole place. It was like a ghost town! Well us, and a few shady creeps in hot topic. But that was basically it! Once hunger set in, we headed for dinner. And lets just say, with me and Kaytlyn both being so indecisive, picking a place to eat is no easy task. So once again, we settled for Applebees because we both know there are plenty of options. Now onto the final part of our date night.

THE JAZZ GAME! I was way excited for this. A little back story behind this, Kaytlyn knows I love the Jazz, and going to games. She hadn't been to a game in a really long time so when I checked the schedule and saw they  had a game that weekend I jumped online and got tickets first thing. I told her I had our date planned, but wouldn't tell her what we were doing for it. I like surprising people, except I'm awful at it, because I always get to excited and just give it away. So one night when we were Skyping, I emailed her the link to download our tickets and ruined the surprise. She was excited to go though (or at least she pretended to be because she knew I was excited)  We got there about an hour early and watched a few of the players shoot around and warm up. Even got some sexy visors!

Clearly, she doesn't understand the difference between a goofy picture, and a regular picture. The game was awesome and the Jazz destroyed the Nuggets by 20 points! We left a few minutes early to beat traffic but heaven forbid this perfect day went off without a hitch. I was so close... but upon arrival back to my car, a lovely pink envelop was sweetly placed on my windshield. A flippin' ticket! Was I parked in a red zone? No. Did I not have a parking pass? No. On the ticket it said "Plate Infraction." Your probably thinking the same thing we were... WTF?! I was clueless, and the next block up a police officer was sitting in the middle of an intersection with his lights on, not sure why but he was... So we walked up there and got his attention form the sidewalk. He rolled his window down and we said we had a question for him. Now we assumed he would walk over and talk to us, but instead, he sat in his car in the middle of his intersection, so rather than yelling across 3 lanes of traffic we ran over to him and asked him what that meant. He looked it up in his handy dandy code book, and it said I was either missing a plate, missing the proper stickers, or they weren't valid. Well I'm an upstanding citizen and keep my registration up to date. So I went back to my car to figure out what this could be about... Some goon stole the month sticker off my license plate!! I thought those things were impossible to get off?! Well its a $30 ticket.. which isn't awful, but I still don't want to pay. I emailed them to see if I can fax a copy of my registration showing that it's valid but we will see if I hear back. If not I'll give in and pay. But honestly... who steals a month sticker? It's the year one you need renewed! What a Dumb A.So despite that little set back, it was a perfect day with Kaytlyn.

The next morning we had plans to go to baptisms at the Jordan River Temple. It was a good time. There was a nice old worker in there that kept me pretty entertained by asking "how long have you two been going together?" Then winking at us as he left the room, he even stopped me in the locker room after I changed and gave me tips on making marriage work. I got a good kick out of it! We didn't happen to get a picture of us at the temple, but since it's her favorite temple and right by her house I'll hunt down a picture from the Google machine!

That afternoon we made our way up to Ogden with her family. Her sister Lora is engaged and her fiance's side of the family was hosting a little wedding shower get together so we went up for that. It was fun playing games with them and eating food and there were some characters there. That was my second time meeting them and they are a hilarious family! We had a blast. That night we just sat around and relaxed because we fit a lot into our busy weekend!

Sunday morning we went to her friends farewell and thought we were going to get off easy with only an hour of church... think again! Her mom wanted us to come to their ward so we ate a quick lunch and walked over in the middle of sacrament, and even stayed for Sunday School. We didn't want to be too ambitious and self righteous, so we took advantage of the perfect weather and went for a Sunday stroll around her neighborhood. It was such nice weather all weekend! I stuck around for Sunday dinner and watched the Jazz game that went into 4 overtimes before deciding I better get on the road.

Weekends typically go by fast. But when I'm up north with Kaytlyn they go by even faster and it's miserable! After spending a few perfect days up there it's never fun having to come back down and face reality! I can't wait till she comes down in a few weeks!!

Also as a side note I'd like to thanks my sister. She's the best! Whenever I come up she lets me stay at her house even though I'm always so busy I hardly get to see her. Shes the best sister I could ever ask for!